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Posted By: Rob Naylor
30-Dec-10 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Who Wrote Dalesman's Litany? (Moorman)
Subject: RE: Origins: Who Wrote Dalesman's Litany?
The dialect seems odd to me too. I was born and brought up in the West Riding, just south of Bradford, but spent a lot of time in North Yorkshire too, and the whole thing doesn't seem right for either dialect...there are even a few constructions that sound more Lancastrian than Yorkshire to me!

As for the "Bratford" posts....It IS "Broad Ford and nothing to do with "brats"...the pronunciation is absolutely NOT "Bratfud" or "Bratford" but "Bra'f'd", where the apostrophes represent glottal stops. Listen to one of us locals saying the word and there's neither an intoned nor an implied "t" in it, but a glottal stop where the "d" has been truncated.