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Posted By: SINSULL
30-Dec-10 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: Songcatcher
Subject: RE: Songcatcher
I just watched Songcatcher with an open mind and an open bottle of Merlot. What a mess! Where to begin???? Did the lady with the bloody baby survive selling her water colors? Where did she get those watercolors? Did her children survive seeing their father shot to death? Did anyone else notice the electric wires in the barn - I think someone must have had an electric guitar. The lead actress had two emotions - stunned with eyes wide and less stunned with eyes half closed.
Did those mountain men not smell bad? WHy were the ladies always well-pressed even when they were grubby? How come no one had rotten teeth?
You notice I haven't gotten to the story line yet. Did anyone else have The Naked Lunch come to mind while the mountain man seduced the Songcatcher and the lesbians went at it against a tree? What a fucking mess - literally.
Pat ending. Pure claptrap.
So, Dick, I give it a two. Can't dance to it for sure.
WHich reminds me - that brawl in the barn was pathetic.
Help me here Spaw. I need your insight.