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Posted By: catspaw49
27-Sep-00 - 10:53 AM
Thread Name: Making Catspaw's 2-String Stick Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Making Catspaw's 2-String Stick Dulcimer
Hey Diz!!! You do the Homecoming? Man I'm envious. Karen and I spent a week at Norris last summer and hit the Museum twice. That's really quite a place. I sent Rick some pictures because I knew he'd be gassed with the instrument exhibit (and indeed, the whole place). There is a thread called "Museum of Appalachia" that you can refresh here to read some comments. Paddymac went there later and also loved it. Bill Foster, who isn't posting now, but a good guy, and the Foster Family Band play there every year. Great place!!!


A couple of other notes here.........For those of you making them with kids and as projects in general.....Please use a decent 1x2 from a lumber yard and don't get anything thinner as it will warp badly! A number of years back, I got hooked into a Girl Scout camp thing where they supplied the materials and the kids had them all ready for stapling and stringing. I did a half hour program on dulcimers then started. 200 KIDS!!! Its 95 degrees, no shade, Mikey and Tris were about 3 then, Karen is helping them string them up and I'm marking and stapling like crazy. They had tried to save money and about half of the lumber used was slightly thinner than 1x2 (donated sign stakes) and they warped which was kinda' sad for the kids.

Also, kids have a hard time holding this on their lap sometimes and it really doesn't matter how they do it, just so its fun. But if you want to make it easier, take a small coffee can (medium size can) and snip down two flaps the width of the stick on either side and screw it on in the MIDDLE of the stick. That way they can hold it between their legs a lot easier.