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Posted By: Joe Offer
06-Jan-11 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Long Gone: A tribute to my father, Utah Phillips
Subject: RE: Long Gone - New Utah Phillips tribute CD
Let's see if the song list will post:

Long Gone: Utah Remembers Bruce "Utah" Phillips

Produced by - Kate MacLeod.
Kate's Liner Notes
Executive Producer - Duncan Phillips.
Duncan's Liner Notes

1. Eddy's Song - Paul Rasmussen.
Piano,Stephen Keen.
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2. Nevada Jane - Kate MacLeod.
Mandolin and harmonies, Rex Flinner.
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3. Scofield Mine Disaster - Mike & Shauna Iverson.
Piano, Stepheen Keeen, harmonies, Mother Jones.
Play - Lyrics
4. Jesse's Corrido - Gentri Watson.
Nylon guitar, Kate MacLeod.
Play - Lyrics
5. If I could Be the Rain - Polly Stewart.
Guitar, Kate MacLeod.
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6. I Think of You - Brent Bradford.
Harmonies, Mother Jones.
Play - Lyrics
7. Long Gone - Duncan Phillips.
Fiddle and harmonies, Kate MacLeod.
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8. Miner's Lullaby - Anke Summerhill.
Fiddle and harmonies, Kate MacLeod.
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9. Ragged Old Man - Doug Wintch.
Harmonic, "Bad" Brad Wheeler.
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10. Orphan Train - Carla Eskelsen.
Guitar and harmonies, Dave Eskelsen.
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11. NPR talking Blues - Ken Shaw.
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12. Pig Hollow - Kyle Wulle.
Harmonica, Brad Wheeler.
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13. Goin' Away - Gigi Love.
Cello Margaret Lewis.
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14. Room for the Poor - Hal Cannon.
Mandolin, Rex Flinner. harmonies, Mother Jones
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15. The telling Takes Me Home - Dave Eskelsen
Mandiola, Carla Eskelsen.
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16. Hallelujah I'm a Bum - Dave Shults
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17. The Long Memory (spoken) - Mike Garcia
Play - Words
18. Ship's Gonna Sail - Group Song.
Cello, Margaret Lewis, fiddle, Kate MacLeod.
Anke Summerhill, Carla Eskelsen, Cori Connors,
Dave Eskelsen, Doug Wintch, Duncan Phillips,Jen Hajj,
Kate MacLeod, Ken Shaw, Kyle Wulle, Mark Jardine,
Mark Hazel, Polly Stewart, Scott MacLeod, Steve Lutz.
Play - Lyrics

I see there are new episodes of the Loafer's Glory radio program available for download at