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Posted By: Brian May
06-Jan-11 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Martin Factory Tour
Subject: RE: Martin Factory Tour
"Consider yourself fortunate to have gotten a good one"

Well, actually, I've got 3. A D-28, a D12-28 and the 000-28.

Each one is superb - the luthier agrees (I presume you know who Martin Simpson is).

I've been playing since 1964 so have also 'been around the block a few times'. These guitars, which were chosen by me (not mail-ordered) are sublime in their looks, their construction and their sound. That is of course my opinion (shared by the luthier as it happens), but it's only my opinion that matters - if I'm the one paying.

The point is, I suppose, I take exception to bold statements which do not have room for discussion such as 'THEY ARE OVERPRICED' oh really?

The Martins were right FOR ME (and tens of thousands of other customers over 175 years), and I didn't think they were overpriced at all. Does my personal experience carry any less weight than yours? (Collectively).

If the Rainsong was right for you - or any other come to that, that's fine - I really hope you enjoy it. Doesn't make guitars (or anything else) you don't choose wrong - it just means you prefer something else.

Why do people damn what they don't like? Is it some form of insecurity? Enjoy your 'whatevers' and I'll enjoy my Martins, others will enjoy their Gibsons et al. It's called 'live and let live'.