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10-Jan-11 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Martin Factory Tour
Subject: RE: Martin Factory Tour
What's MS's luthier got to do w/this? Who cares? My luthier is Vince Gill, Larry Coryell, Brent Mason, Pat Flynn and Sam Bush's luthier/tech. You know who THEY are, don't you? Offering a well considered, experienced opinion could hardly be interpreted as insecurity. I take exception to THAT type of condescension.

"THEY ARE OVERPRICED" I was referring specifically to contemporary manufactured models that I have heard. And suprisingly some of the 'special edition' ones as well. The fact that you found a good one IS fortunate. And they are overpriced in general.

I don't own a Rainsong. Although, when I start touring again I'll get one for sure. If you read the post it's stated what I own. What wasn't stated was comparative sound w/a transducer set up. While my guitar sounds pedestrian acoustically the Joe Mills/LR Baggs set-up I've got lends the instrument much more tone than it actually has. The same with instruments costing thousands of dollars. Whatever TD set-up that's used(usually Fishmans) greatly enhances the tone. Then, acoustically they sound like 'bullshite'. These are present day Martins not vintage. The point was/is that I was shocked and continue to be shocked at what people will pay for sub-standard instruments based on name recognition. Obviously, based on your experience I wasn't referring to you. Had the instrument been sub-standard you wouldn't have purchased it.

I've bought, used and sold many, many Martin's, Guilds, Gurian and Gibsons myself. Martins I've owned are a 57-D18, 64-D18S, 69-D12-35S, 76-D35S, 67-D18, 69-D18S, 49-D18, 52-D18, 78-M38. Guilds: 79-D35, 71-F50, 69-D50, 80-F30, 76-F512. Gurian: S2M, S3M and Jumbo models. Gibsons: 50s-B25, 50s-J45, 60s-J200.

And I never stated anything I don't choose as wrong. And there was no 'damning of what I don't like'. Merely stating what has been my experience in listening to present day Martins, specifically.