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Posted By: Ed T
12-Jan-11 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Well, where do Jehovah's Witnesses stand on YEC and creationism?

Many may say, who cares, why do you ask? I dunno, I was just curious as to just how many "non mainstream" religions support it.I know, it is only a minor sampling of one. But, some of the articles from Eatchtower and Awake are quite dismissive of the concept (not that they do not have their own ideas, that one could question, if one had the time, or interest).

Regardless, even the Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be "very down" on creationism and YEC (according to this article , anyway. So, you don't have to "take them on" on this topic when they come to your door:)

Jehovah's Witnesses and creationism