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Posted By: Smokey.
13-Jan-11 - 05:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Someday you may describe a stock tank or a hot tub or a cistern as "ten feet wide". Later, you may describe that same object as being 30 feet around. If you choose to express the value of the measurement in two digits rather than in three, I will not accuse you of being mistaken about the value of pi. To be blunt, that sort of unfair dig is unworthy of you.

That wasn't a 'dig', Kent, unfair or otherwise, and I thought the link I posted effectively dealt with the counter-arguments. It was no more than an illustration of one aspect of what I was trying to determine, (being how literally is the Bible taken) as with the unicorns on the ark which only seem to be in the King James version of the Bible. (being how decisions are made as to which version is the more authorititave to those who take it the most literally)

By all means be as blunt as you like, but bear in mind I am trying to treat you with respect and simply attempting to understand the nature of Creationists' belief whilst the opportunity appeared to be there. It is of course your prerogative to deny me that and I take no offence, but it would save us both some effort if you just said so.