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Posted By: Kent Davis
16-Jan-11 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
To anyone irritated or offended by the poem and song,

I thought they were funny. I posted them because I thought it was time for a little levity.   

And yes, I do know that no one thinks we are descended from modern monkeys. And I do know that we are the "fifth ape", and I suspect that most of us agree that we are more than the "fifth ape". And I do know that, contrary to the poem and song, monkeys (and other animals) sometimes do the "bad" things mentioned therein. Except that what they do is not really "bad" or "good", but merely what comes naturally. It's different with us, as I know you also believe.

John P.,
Yes, you did miss my answer. Please see the post of 11 Jan 11, 8:16 P.M. In one word, "Yes".   However, you need not worry. There is little chance of me getting my wish. Also, even if children were exposed to both sides, no doubt many would still agree with you. I spent all twenty-two years of my education in public school and yet look at me.

Sugarfoot Jack,

What you said about igneous intrusions is all very interesting but does not apply to the particular rocks we were discussing (Chief Mountain, Assynt, Knockan Crag). Those particular rocks are believed by your fellow AEN folks to have undergone metamorphosis elsewhere, and moved to their present location via an overthrust fault.

To all,

I've enjoyed this discussion and I hope you have too. I've learned some things and I hope you can say the same. I may look up this thread from time to time, but I think I've said all I need to say, so I will probably contribute no more.