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Posted By: Little Hawk
18-Jan-11 - 03:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
"they simply could NOT get the point that understanding was the goal, not just asserting and defending."

Right! That is what troubles me about a great many people on this forum, Bill. They just assert and defend whatever they already are set upon. They have no actual desire to understand anything that they don't already believe anyway.

"What we learned was that the process of getting folks who were brought up in a tradition to just learn 'thinking' was really hard when all they were concerned with was resisting anything which even looked like a threat to their positions."

Right again. That is the essential problem in most dialogue nowadays, both in this forum, on the media, and in society in general. All most people are concerned with is resisting anything which looks like a threat to their established position. This is true of people on BOTH sides of most political and religious and other controversies here, regardless of which side they have jumped in on.

I would not say it's true of you. You do think about things, and you do make efforts to understand a different viewpoint. So do a few others here. Most people don't, they just start "throwing poop" like these guys...