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Posted By: Artful Codger
18-Jan-11 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Entering special characters (moderated)
Subject: Tech: Entering special characters (moderated)
ATTENTION: The guide below shows you how to properly enter special characters in your messages—curly quotes, long dashes, symbols, and accented and non-Roman characters (like Cyrillic, Hebrew and Japanese kana). It explains what HTML character references are, why and when people should be using them, how to encode the common ones, and where they can go for more information. Also described are the display problems that occur when people don't encode such characters properly and some tools that help you convert or insert text.

This thread is not intended as a discussion thread. You may post corrections, questions and additional material to be incorporated into the guide, but comments on display problems or improvements to Mudcat character handling should be posted instead to the thread Tech: Non-ASCII character display problems.
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This is an edited PermaThread® for the description of HTML character references. This thread will be edited by Artful Codger, who will consolidate the information posted here into a technical guide. Feel free to post to this thread, but remember that all messages posted here are subject to editing or deletion.

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