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Posted By: mg
20-Jan-11 - 11:20 PM
Thread Name: Help write a song about the iPad singers
Subject: RE: Help write a song about the ipod singers
I don't think the group should be under any perceived obligation to listen to Ipod woman sing along. Tell her that is not what you do in your group and perhaps she could start her own for that purpose. We can either set boundaries or we can lose the reason some of us come to musical events, which is to hear nice music. I am going to start a camp thread, because I hope to go to a music camp next week, and I know there are going to be endless hours upon hours of people reading the blue books under blinding flourescent lights and I am going to be proactive..not to get them to change or dim the lights, but just to see who I can get to go in another building, after a certain amount of politeness. But I do not want them to follow us with their blue books. Stay put and sing out of them. It is fine if you do, just don't follow me. mg