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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
21-Jan-11 - 03:50 AM
Thread Name: Help write a song about the iPad singers
Subject: RE: Help write a song about the ipod singers
Do you sing from an I-Pad?
Do you sing from the 'blue-book'?
Do you sing from your own song book?
Do you read your song book to make sure you've remembered the words, then get up and sing confidently from (recent) memory?
Do you memorise songs, but sing them through quickly to yourself before performing, making a crib sheet of the first line of each verse in case you lose your (mental) place?
Do you sing everything from memory, with occasional la-la-las where you forget a line?
Do you sing everything with perfect recall & no written assistance?

I'm sure that between us we all fall at some point in the above list. How far further up the list do we want to draw the line for what we consider unacceptable?

How intollerant can we be?

Can we get back to the original request, which was for a song? (I made my attempt early on, but I'm not sure I can remember it. So can I print it out please? :) )