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Posted By: Barbara
22-Jan-11 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: Help write a song about the iPad singers
Subject: RE: Help write a song about the ipod singers
Maybe I should get a clone to change the header. I meant IPad.

Thanks Nigel. I'm with mary garvey. We want different things at different times, and we need to be proactive to make them happen. I used to always sing from a book and only knew choruses, so I did a lot of requesting other people to sing the things I wanted. I still often find it scary to lead a song, especially without some sort of cheat sheet.
Still, I continue to aspire to have the courage to do it.
I don't think there's anything the matter with wanting to get better at singing. I work on it. I'm proud of that.
My favorite thing is when someone sings a song well that they know by heart.
Still there's enough time and music for it all to happen for everyone. We need to find other folks to sing with who are in our comfort zone.

Most songbooks at least have the song on one page, but these little hand held devices seem to quit in the middle of a line, leaving everyone hanging.
Here's a bit of a revision. I didn't like the rhymes or the scream part.

I see your face lit in the glare
Across the circle you're reading there
The song from your Ipad,
Ye Gad, man,
Has our pub singing come to this?
Can't remember the words when you're pissed?
So you read 'em off the screen
of your little hand held machine
And we all pause while you. go. *swish*
(make that gesture of using your index finger to move the image on a touch screen)


Nigel, I assume your song is to "Just a Song at Twilight"?