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Posted By: mikesamwild
22-Jan-11 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: Seasons They Change-- your psychefolk favourites?
Subject: RE: Seasons They Change-- your psychefolk favourites?
I must admit when I said we called it folk rock back when, it was because there was no widely labelled title acid or psyche folk or freak folk That's come in with the revival as Neo or NuFolk.

Jeanatte has put up an extensive playlsit on Spotify that is an ideal way to get the flavour. It crosses into some you will know and love as well as vashti Bunyan ,such as John Renbourne, Davy Graham, Incredibels, T rex! etc

I think is a very well written book and was based on over 100 interviews as well as book and mag articles. Much as I enjoyed Rob Young's Electric Eden this was an eye opener as I only had access to what we could get hold of or listen to with John Peel in the 60s and 70s. Now with reissues, google books, downloads and eBay a lass born in 1976in Norfolk knows a damn sight more than I ever could! And she didn't have to do her head in during the first time round!