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27-Jan-11 - 01:09 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req:Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow (MacColl
Subject: RE: McColl or Harry Lauder-Jock Hawk's Adventures
Say what you will of my national antecedents & of Ewan's accents ~~ I heard him sing this song live at the Princess Louise many times: it always went down well & he was often singing it by request. Everybody laughed WITH it, not AT it, like some of the so-hard-to-please smartarses on this thread.

Compare his accent with his mother's on any of the several recordings of them singing together ~~ there are one or two on youTube: there was sod-all wrong with his Scottish accent, which he had from earliest years by inheritance and grew up with at home thruout his childhood.

E stands for Ewan, I suppose,
W for his dad Will;
And I don't care what anybody says,
But Jimmy was a Scotsman still.