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Posted By: Jim McLean
28-Jan-11 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req:Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow (MacColl
Subject: RE: McColl or Harry Lauder-Jock Hawk's Adventures
I promised myself I wouldn't get involved with 'McColl' threads as both pro and anti McColl comments are so predictable and boring. However there are a couple of coincidences in this thread I thought I'd explore. I wrote a song for Andy Stewart using the melody of Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow, a piece of White Heather Club trivia, in 1959/60 and it was later recorded by Johnnie Beattie, another fine Scottish comedian. Andy Stewart was a master of Scottish accents, and there are quite a few, but his delivery was always very natural. In McColl's case, I think he 'over egged' his portrayal of the 'plooman chiel', hamming it up a bit more than was necessary. I agree with MtheGm and didn't find the singing 'hilarious' but rather more 'cringe-worthy' as has been mentioned above. I think Ed Jones' puerile sniggering was counter productive.
There, I've broken a promise I made to myself and will now keep quiet.