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28-Jan-11 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 28-1-2011

One small error - played the wrong track for James Findlay right at the start but I play the right track later in the show.

Interesting interview with Paul and Liz Davenport about their life and latest record. This will be launched at the Hillsborough Hotel on February 23rd.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Unusual Suspects/Pavilion Jig/Big Like This
James Findlay/ When A Man's In Love/Sport and Play
Jeana Leslie/Buttermilk Hill/Shadows Tall
Davenports Interview

Paul and Liz Davenport/Spring Tide Rising/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport/Blacksmith/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport/Judas/Spring Tide Rising
Paul and Liz Davenport.Glasgerion/Spring Tide Rising
Alan Reid /Dear Green Place /Recollections
Unusual Suspects/Under the Influence Set/Big Like This

Second Half

4 Square /Fit Arms/ 20/20 Manchester
Lunasa/Carolan's Welcome/The Story So Far
Little Johnny England/Welcome to the Sparrow Club/ Tournament of Shadows
Alan Reid /I am the Common Man/Recollections
Outside Track/Jubilant Goat/Curious Things Given Wings
Ewan MacColl/Manchester Rambler/Black and White
Maggie Boyle/Paddy's Rambles in the Park/Gweebarra
James Findlay/Jolly Joe The Collier's Son/Sport and Play
James Fagan/Hauling On/Twice Reflected Sun
Unusual Suspects/Both Sides the Tweed/Big Like This
Brass Monkey/ Betty Fitchett's Wedding/Sound and Rumour
Steel The Show/Just One More Chorus/Steel the Show
Little Johnny England/Jig set/Tournament of Shadows

And if you have been - thanks for listening.