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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
29-Jan-11 - 04:27 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req:Jock Hawk's Adventures in Glasgow (MacColl
Subject: RE: McColl or Harry Lauder-Jock Hawk's Adventures
"You really are a touchy lot when McColl's name is mentioned. Is he beyond discussion, like a pope? I wasn't sniggering, just an honest expose of your god. No wonder the McColl fraternity have a reputation of being a mean spirited, closed shop, narrowminded shower."

First it's 'MacColl' NOT 'McColl' and you didn't JUST mention his name - you dug up an old recording to belabour his reputation with (you were, in fact, "sniggering").

In addition, let's get this clear, none of us believe that MacColl is beyond discussion (oh, for some real discussion - rather than just puerile sniping!). Neither was he a "pope" or "god" - but he was a remarkable 20th century artist whose considerable accomplishments are worthy of respect.

Finally, I discovered MacColl's work for myself when I was young and foolish. Very soon I encountered several others who were also admirers of his work (and folk song in general). For the record I was welcomed by them with open arms and never, ever felt excluded. I found those people to be generous, warm-hearted and very imaginative and broad-minded. Some of those friendships endure to this day (some people have, of course, passed on but I cherish their memory).

I think that a lot of us didn't just admire MacColl because of his genius - but also found his work to be a catalyst for our own creativity (limited in my case - but there you go!).