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Posted By: Jim Dixon
30-Jan-11 - 01:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: While I Was Licking My Stamp (Champion)
Subject: Lyr Add: WHILE I WAS LICKING MY STAMP (Champion)
I thought I'd try posting as many music-hall songs as I can find, if they haven't already been posted.

You can hear this recording at YouTube.

My transcription has a few gaps and uncertainties. Please help fix them.

Words, Willie Wye. Music, Harry Champion. © 1913.
As sung by Harry Champion

1. I went looking for work one day. Wherever I chanced to look,
The first thing that they ask├ęd for was my insurance book.
I was sent to clean the windows. The lady said to me,
"Before you start upon the job, your book I'll have to see."
I started sticking me stamp on. When I put out my tongue,
The lady thought I wanted a kiss, so up the stairs she run.
Her husband came with a knob on a stick. He said I was a champ(?).
He landed me one on my dub-a-dub-dum while I was licking my stamp.

2. One day feeling a bit run down, a doctor I went to see.
He looked at my insurance book before he looked at me.
He popped some medicine down me throat; he thought I was a tramp.
He says, "The medicine makes you work; now don't forget your stamp."
I started sticking me stamp on as up the street I ran.
As I was running along the street, a ... (?) saw me tongue.
He tossed me into a china shop. I thought I'd got the cramp,
For there I sat on a china cat while I was licking me stamp.

3. Every Monday a brand-new stamp inside my book I stick.
I always have to have a drink before me tongue will lick.
Last week I had to buy some scotch. Inside a tram I got.
Before me tongue got properly moist, I had to drink the lot.
I started sticking me stamp on as I sat in the tram.
One old girl with a wooden leg said, "Aye, come here, young man.
Who are you making faces at?" then sloshed me with her gamp(?).
There was I with her leg in me eye while I was licking me stamp.

4. Monday mornings I take for lunch a bit of cold meat with me.
By morning it was thick with mould when I woke up, you see.
I wrapped my lid in me handkerchief just like a silly Turk.
I put the pants on inside out, then off I rushed to work.
I started sticking me stamp on as I rushed in the fog.
By accident I went into a house that kept a dog.
He gave me a bite. I shouted with fright, "Will somebody bring a lamp?
Perhaps me lunch it was havin' a munch while I was lickin' me stamp."

[Can anyone explain how these stamp-books worked? I assume this was before the National Health Service, and it was some form of health insurance. Was it government-sponsored or subsidized, or purely private?]