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Posted By: Rick Fielding
29-Sep-00 - 08:02 PM
Thread Name: Martin 58. Gibson 2. Holy Cow!
Subject: RE: Martin 58. Gibson 2. Holy Cow!
Well, actually I AM probably a snob about a lot of things, not the least of which was my 1970 Cedar top Larrivee, with the tree of life inlay and solid ivory bridge and saddle. It was my work guitar for about 10 years until I wore the sucker out. Poor Nancy (my lady at the time) couldn't understand why I NEEDED THAT GUITAR! 'Cause I did have a Martin 00-18 (1946) but it was too small(!!??) and a Gibson J-50...but it was too round(!?). My other Guilds, Epiphones, Harmonys etc. were just too...tooo (you understand, don't you?) So she pulled out the heavy artillery. "Didn't you just say a year ago that your Mossman Grand Era was the BEST and LOUDEST guitar you've ever owned, and that you'd play it forever?" I slunk away in shame........then went down to the Folklore Centre, maxed out my credit card and proudly brought my wonderful new baby home (this was before I cared much about elephants...remember the ivory bridge?). When I got to our door, my guitar pride was replaced by stark fear! After all, even though I was totally irresponsible, I was at least TRYING to be a good partner, and here I'd spent money I didn't have on ANOTHER guitar! I weighed my options....tell her I FOUND it on the street,.....say that the Larrivee company had asked me to endorse it.........look pathetic, and claim I was simply a useless sicko, and she'd be better off with that dentist she had been going out with......or just do THE RIGHT THING...LIKE A MAN! Well I quickly forgot that last option and hid the damned thing in the basement for three days. When she'd go to work, I'd pull it out and play like mad for a few hours. As luck would have it my friend Tim Allen (not THAT Tim Allen!) bought my Mossman, and Nancy said "Go buy that damn 'Larraby" that you've been moaning about!" I went out and sat in the park for an hour, returned home, went to the basement and brought it up.

Honestly, I'm not that bad anymore...besides Heather's heard all these stories and is smart as a whip. I wouldn't have a chance!

Rick (compensating for his confused childhood)