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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Jan-11 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Good Old Yorkshire Pudding (Champion)
Subject: Lyr Add: GOOD OLD YORKSHIRE PUDDEN (Champion)
Here's another music-hall song. You can hear it at The Internet Archive:

Words, Fred Kitchen; music, Dudley Powell.
As sung by Harry Champion, 1915.

1. My wife she comes from Yorkshire. Oh, she is a great big lump!
The way she puts away the grub, it drives me off my chump.
She's a marvel with a knife and fork. At eating she's a don.
Yorkshire pudding is the stuff she goes fair barmy on.

Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire puddin'.
It doesn't matter what I say. She's shouting for it night and day.
Sometimes when I'm warm in bed, she'll say, "Now there's a good 'un.
Pass me up some pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, puddin'."

2. When I was mayor of Hackney Downs(?) I fairly had my fling.
Me and Liza had to go to dinner with the king.
My wife sat on King George's right and on the strict Q.T.
When he said, "What would you like?" she said, "Your majesty—

"Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire puddin'."
The king said, "Tell me missus Ralph(?), will you try a little grass(?)?"
My old girl said, "I don't mind me if it tastes a good 'un.
Come on, Georgie, be a sport and bang along the puddin'."

3. My wife then joined the suffragettes and has a lot to say.
They hold their meetings just outside a cook-shop down our way.
One night they broke(?) the windows and they grabbed the bacon boiled.
My old girl seized all the pud in case it might be spoiled.

Pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire puddin'.
They made a raid upon the soup 'cause the shopman ... the loop.
My old girl seized all the duff and shouted like a good 'un:
"Come on, girls, I do not think it's pud-pud-pud-pud-puddin'."

4. One night last winter when the night was ... as could be.
I jumped in bed because my feet was freezing, don't you see.
My great big feet felt something at the bottom of the bed.
I shouted out, "Whatever's that?" Eliza to me said:

"It's pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire puddin'.
It got a bit too sour to eat. I warmed it up to warm your feet.
We can't afford a warming pan and that'll make a good 'un.
So keep your feet upon me pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, puddin'."


* I believe the title on the sheet music, held at Oxford University, is GOOD OLD YORKSHIRE PUDDEN!, while the title on Harry Champion's recording is YORKSHIRE PUDDEN.