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Posted By: Jim Dixon
03-Feb-11 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Carroty (from Harry Champion)
Subject: Lyr Add: Carroty (from Harry Champion)
Another transcription, with gaps, of another old music-hall song which you can hear at The Internet Archive. It's the first of 10 songs on that page:

Words and music by John P. Long, 1912
As sung by Harry Champion.

1. My father did a bunk some time ago.
He had no money in the bank, you know.
All he left me for my share
Was a lovely head of carroty hair.
I knew I was my father's chum when it began to sprout.
It causes great excitement now whenever I go out.

CHORUS TWICE. And they all shout, "Wotcha, Carroty!
{What-wha-wha-what-what, Carroty!}*
Ain't your Barnet Fair OK?
Warms your hands on a wintry day.
Looks like a danger signal on a railway train, you see."
{C.A.R.R.O.T.Y.}**, Carroty, that's me!

2. The other day, Lord bless my heart,
I was standing up against an ice-cream cart.
I heard the ice-cream merchant scream,
"You're melting all my icy-cream!"
In the merry wintertime, the golden....
My ... a while, he sells up winter's drinks. CHORUS TWICE.

3. Last coronation time, you know,
The neighbours thought they'd have a lovely show.
My carroty knob, without a doubt,
Put all their illuminations out.
I never have my haircut now, the reason ... need.
I stand beside a ... the horses have a feed. CHORUS TWICE.

* On some repetitions of the chorus, substitute "Carry-arry-arry-arry-arroty."

** On some repetitions of the chorus, substitute "C.A.-Double-R.O.T.Y."