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Posted By: Jim Dixon
04-Feb-11 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Wotcher, My Old Brown Son (H Champion)
Subject: Lyr Add: Wotcher, My Old Brown Son (H Champion)
You can hear this recording at YouTube. As usual, I'd like some help making corrections and filling in the gaps to my transcription:

Words and music by Charles Collins and A. E. Sheppard.
As sung by Harry Champion.

1. Now I'm a funny sort of chap. I never like to be
Mixing up myself in other people's company.
Whenever I'm a-walking out, I like to be alone.
I'm as happy as can be when I'm upon my own.
No matter where I am, if I'm a thousand miles away,
Someone's sure to come and slap me on the back and say:

CHORUS: "Wotcher, my old brown son, how are you?
Wotcher, my old brown son, how are you?
If you've got the money and the time to spare,
Come and have a tiddly at the Old Brown Bear.
You look fine.
Put your hand in mine.
Never mind if it weighs a ton.
Why, don't you look a swell?
You are a-looking well.
Wotcher, my old brown son!

2. Now the other afternoon as I was feeling rather blue,
I went to Medical Salts 'cause I got nothing else to do.
Just to cheer me up, I took the wife along with me,
Went into the chambers, the … for to see.
I began to tremble when the missus went away,
And I looked … I thought I heard him say: CHORUS

3. I shan't forget when I got married—talk about a spike—
Me and my old woman, just as happy as you like,
We'd got to bed, but hadn't been a tick or two before.
There were someone down below a-knocking at the door.
I looked out the window. I said, "What's the matter, eh?"
The fella said, "There's nothing up. I'd only called to say: CHORUS