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Posted By: bbelle
30-Sep-00 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Martin 58. Gibson 2. Holy Cow!
Subject: RE: Martin 58. Gibson 2. Holy Cow!
Mooh ... my Gibson B-25 is a "cheap one from the 60's" and is a sweet instrument. Bought it brand new in 1965. From what I can tell, from talking to geetar players all over the country, the B-25 is one of those 60's anomalies. There aren't many out there, but the ones that are, are the "sweet" ones. I always knew it was and knew I was a lucky gal.

Having played many, many guitars in the last year ... Gibson, Martin, Guild, Ovation, Taylor, Tacoma, BlueRidge, Collings, Yamaha, Santa Cruz, and a few others ...

I learned that one D18 doesn't necessarily sound like another D18, just for a starter. I didn't like any of the Gibsons, even the vintage ones. Didn't like any of the 00 or OM ... didn't like their feel. Stay away from Martin's smart wood models; the cherry is pretty but the sound is nada. The Santa Cruz neck width is too wide for my hands. (Bear in mind that some were out of my price league, but at least now I know whether I would consider them if I ever get another case of TERMINAL GAS.) Ovations slide right off my lap ... I'd have to buy stock in velcro. The others just didn't have the sound I wanted. The Collings had a sweet sound, just not affordable.

But my Larrivee D-05 has everything I was seeking ... sound, playability, still affordable, fit, and it's just damn pretty. Everytime I say this I gotta thank 'spaw and Jed.

Personal relationship with my geetars. Not on your life ...