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Posted By: Jim Dixon
08-Feb-11 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cockney Bill of London Town (H Champion)
Subject: Lyr Req: COCKNEY BILL OF LONDON TOWN (H Champion)
My transcription from the recording found at YouTube:
(It is the first of 2 songs in that "video.")

As recorded by Harry Champion, 1916

1. If you ever meet an Irishman, he'll wear a bit of green
And he'll shout out, "My name's Reilly."
There's Taffy and the Scotsman both from Wales and Aberdeen.
Well, we all respect them highly;
But you love to see a man who's proud
Of the place that gave him birth.
I'm a cockney, so wherever I go,
I shout for all I'm worth.
At Shoreditch was a little school at which
For a penny a week—hooray!—
It was knocked into me head for to be cockney bred
Was a glorious thing to say,
And so now—

CHORUS: Patsy's proud he's Irish. Taffy's proud he's Welsh.
Sandy's proud that he's a Scot.
Jolly good luck to all the lot!
[Friends,] I'm proud I'm a cockney, proud of me name Bill Brown,
Proud of the finest city in the world, London town.

2. Give me London for the faggots and the half-a-yards of tripe,
And the two-eyed steak, the kipper.
In the little country villages they keep 'em till they're ripe
For the poor old London tripper.
All the fish and potato shops are grand,
So is cockney saveloys,
While a decent meal from a bit of jellied eel
Is one of London's joys.
That's why at the Thistle, and the cry
From America or the seas,
You will hear a millionaire demanding there
His heritage sausages,
While I sing—CHORUS

3. London's got the bank of England in it, everybody knows,
And it's never yet been busted.
There's four thousand million in it; that's enough to beat our foes.
To beat them we are trusted.
Oh, the cockney son will take his gun
For the land he loves so dear,
And he'll give the Hun a little bit of fun
Where he keeps his lager beer.
Rough and tough, made of proper sort of stuff,
Fighting they enjoy.
One of the bravest under fire was CC Dwyer*,
A good old cockney boy.
Let's sing then—CHORUS

[* Probably Corporal Edward Dwyer VC, but I don't know where the "CC" comes from (unless I am misunderstanding him).]

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