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Posted By: GUEST,Dale
11-Feb-11 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads

I am in Duluth at the pickle park of a chicken coup. I took the big road behind a blocker runnin in the big hole with a bird dog shakin the bushes sos I'd have a clean shot on accounta my travel agent said the potash mine needs the metal real quick on accounta they got a munchy down at 15 large an hour. I lost time cawse a the border bears securin the homeland eh. No problem at the next doormat cause I got flippers on an theres nuthin fer yer tearerests ta attack in big sky country. As long as the cownty mownties and the yella stripes are treed I'll make Moose Jaw short short and flip flop 110 and double nickal on accounta even tho I ain't got no refer the cow will be cold.

As far as a dubel dubel ain't no way I am doin anythin like that unless its a Tims and not a shotgun. Matter a fact, unles you git yer shit together an git rid a Shane fer brains I am triple digit when I hit Uppity Canada an its hammer down fer the Merrytimes. Daisy texded me an she says Tuptee took her first steps and she might take me back if I swear I was drunk when I knocked you up sos I can be a father figger and keep her out of the pickle parks.

Dont make me chuse tween yer old man and hers on accounta she was the one what got him to get me out an give me a job pumpin at tha Irving for minimum and then he lent me the down on this heer large car. I cant drive with casts on my hands an pumpin gas when its minus real friggin cold sucks too an I know cawse I did it when I was waitin on my assalt charge. You shoulda seen tha other guy. But, if I gotta chuse tween broken fingers an a shotgun I'll be gettin me one a them voice rekognishon cell phones eh.

So like I said ya wanna get with Shane get with Shane. Yer call. But ya better dial soon.

For I go, I gotta ask ya one kwestion. Does that there nose ring frost up when its minus friggin freezin.

Back out darlin.