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Posted By: GUEST
11-Feb-11 - 06:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
LH... 10-4 good buddy. I think Daisy and I will get back together anyway and clear the way for Shane ta dodge Sheryl on his own. I am comin ta think Sheryl is just a backwater slough in the stream of life on accounta she even admitted she coodnt hold her licker. Shit happens eh.

But if that McBride fellah rants anymore I ain't gonna take those threats too kindly. I am a gentleman an even said I would run but when it comes ta threats this here good ol Kent County boy is hard enuff to be turned upside downy an driven inta hard ground eh. An if he wants ta get Don on me I'll get Del ta remind him not ta fuck with eagles eh. Big brothers have the voice of reeson when they have a reeson eh.

Sins I ain't herd from Sheryl sins the last pickle park I gess I'll just head down east and hope she sends pics of the twins some day. I just hope they aint but ugly on accounta that wood meen it was not me what really did knock her up.

I gotta hit the tar if I am gonna make it to Winnepeg in time to freeze solid. If ya never bin ta Winnepeg in February dont.

Back out.