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Posted By: RTim
11-Feb-11 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Butter and cheese and all (Greasy Cook)
Subject: ADD Version: Greasy Cook (as sung by Harry Cox)
It was some time ago now - but someone asked for Harry Cox's version; here it is below, and I have been singing this for 40 years!!!

Tim Radford


(as sung by Harry Cox)

I fell in love with a Greasy Cook And that I can't deny
I fell in love with a greasy cook
I'll tell you the reason why - Repeat.

Plum pudding, roast beef a plenty
Plum pudding, roast beef
Oh when my belly was empty
She gave to me relief - repeat

I kindly was invited some supper for to take
And kindly I did accept it
All for my stomach's sake - repeat

Now after supper was over
The cupboard she took some key
One pocket she crammed butter
And the other she crammed with cheese - Repeat

Her master smelling of the cheese
Came rat-tat at the door
I had no where to hide my face
But up the chimney crawl - repeat

I had not been there very long
A sitting at my ease
The fire melted my butter
And likewise touched my cheese - repeat

Every drop that fell on the fire
It caused the old fire to rear
The old woman looked up the chimney top
And she swore the old devil was there - repeat

Her master went to the chimney top
A bucket of water let fall
And I came following after
Me butter & cheese and all - repeat

The dogs did bark & the children screamed
Up flew the windows all
The old woman cried out well done, well done
There goes butter & cheese & all - repeat.