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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
13-Feb-11 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do small errors in books, film &c matter
Subject: RE: BS: Do small errors in books, film &c matter
I particularly despise TV and cinematic 'Sci-Fi'. As a lad I was obsessed with (written) Science Fiction (which was abbreviated to 'SF' - never 'Sci-Fi'!). I suppose that I was (and still am - to a certain extent) a bit of a nerd. But written SF was stirring and fascinating and left me with an understanding of the human race's place in the Universe. In addition most SF writers were capable of thinking their creations through.

In the visual media, though, the writers seem completely and utterly incapable of thinking anything through! Most of their work appears to be soap opera with undigested and misunderstood SF tropes stuck on with wall paper paste. It's also glaringly obvious that the writers know absolutely NOTHING about science. Any science content in their creations seems to have been gleaned from the 'News of the World' Science column ("Elvis clone found in wormhole!"). Most of them haven't got a clue about interstellar distances and don't seem to know the difference between a planet and a star.

An example of not thinking things through is in Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds'. Why did the aliens bury their war machines and then wait for centuries, until humans had evolved, and only then invade?
Another example is 'Alien'. This was supposed to be set on a "mining ship" - who the f**k would transport minerals or metal ores over interstellar distances!!

The latest abomination is the new BBC serial 'Outcasts' - which appears to me to be 'Eastenders' set in outer space. I stopped watching it after the first episode, during which some silly tw*t attempted to land a starship (presumably the size of a city) on a planet - and, not surprisingly, failed. Oh dear - there goes 10 trillion quids worth of technology - not to mention the passengers and crew!