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Posted By: Artful Codger
14-Feb-11 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Shepherd's Daughter
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Shepherd's Daughter
I miscited the title John & Tony used on their album Spencer the Rover: it was also "The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter."

To RTim: Your quotes, apostrophes and such aren't viewed by most people the way you see them; they need to be escaped. See this thread: Entering special characters

(FWIW, you probably have a similar problem with text posted by most Windows users, because they also fail to encode such characters.)

Here's your text reposted, with the offending characters encoded:

(Doe H1320 - Child 110.)
It’s of a shepherds daughter
Kept sheep upon the hill
And a squire he came riding by
Of her he had his will
- Twankum down in the dillo
- Twankum down in the dillo, dillo day

It’s now you’ve had your will of me
Pray tell to me your name
That when my baby it is born
It might be called the same

It’s some that call me Jack sweetheart
And some do call me John
But when I come to the king’s castle
My name is Sweet William.

He mounted on his milk white steed
And over the valleys he rode
She tucked her apron round her waist
And ran by the horses side.

She ran till she came to the broad water
She bent her breast and swam
And it’s when she came to the land again
She wrung her tails and ran.

She ran till she came to the king’s castle
She tapped all at the ring
Who should be there but the king himself
To let this fair maid in.
Good morning to you kind sire said she
Good morning fair maid said he
Have you got a Knight all in your house
This day has a-robbed me.

Have he robbed you any of your gold
Or any of your store?
Have he robbed you of your golden ring
Which you wear on your little finger?

He ain’t robbed me of any of my gold
Nor any of my store
But he robbed me of my maidenhead
That grieves my heart so sore.

And if he is and a married man
Hang-ed he shall be
And if he is and a singe man
His body I’ll give to thee.

Then the king he called his merry men all
By one, by two, by three
Sweet William that used to be the very first
The last man down was he.

And then he took five hundred pound
Tied fast all in a purse
Saying you take this my fair pretty maid
And I hope you’re none the worse.

I’ll not have your gold sweetheart
Nor I’ll not have your purse
But I will have your fair body
For the king gave it to me.