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Posted By: GUEST,Blind DRunk in Blind River
14-Feb-11 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I am real sorry about them harsh words I, like, said too, eh, Dale? I would love to see that new bogger of yourn, man. It sounds flippin' amazing! I figger it is a good time to, like, brawdin my, like, herizens, eh? So I figger on a road trip Down East and we will come visit youse fer sure. I hope ya got lots of beer.

Now that I know that Sheryl is only, like, 17 I am quite totally sure that it musta been someone else that she was with, eh? Definately not ME. No WAY, eh? You cannot trust them jeanetic tests because of how the jeans get spread all over, so I figger her Dad is majerly on the wrong track here, but bein' as how he is a stubbern fliphead who don't know how to cam down and look at things logical, like, I figger there aint' no use in talkin' to him about it, know'msayin'? It woudl be like talkin' to a flippin' pit bull.

I gotta arrange things with Don and we will come down soon and do a flippin' pig roast with youse guys! I will bring my Jap Telecaster that I found a while back, okay? Rock on!!!

- Shane