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Posted By: GUEST,folkiedave
16-Feb-11 - 06:36 AM
Thread Name: Mumford & Sons at the Brits Awards
Subject: RE: Mumford & Sons at the Brits Awards
The finger up the arsehole brethren have wrought their destruction, done their mighty work. They have got Mike Harding's show down to an hour a week. Folkwaves has gone - well not before time

Really? Well I started in folk music in the early 1960's and there are far far more musicians playing folk music - however defined - than there were then. There also seem to be more singers around than ever.

I went to a packed Cheltenham Festival last weekend. Superb music all around from the bar to the club room to the ceilidh to the sessions in the Bell to the music at the Big Wide-awake where the music went on until the early hours sufficient to generate a complaint. Not much destruction there.

As for "Folkwaves has gone - well not before time" remark, it was closed at the whim of a BBC suit. No other reason as far as anyone knows. He and you may be right of course to have closed it, but over 2,500 people have joined a Facebook group in protest and there were two protests outside Radio Derby before Xmas. (You might remember - it was freezing cold but about 60 people turned up to each one).

It has been replaced a phone-in, a pub quiz, by middle of the road music and some psychic poodles. And a bloke talking mostly rubbish. That must please you immensely. Have you listened to it? Try it. It makes your eyeballs bleed and you would be begging for the return of Folkwaves"

Far from being destroyed there is a a whole shed load of folk music about. There is actually much more folk music on radio than ever, thanks to community radio and it serves the wide variety that is the genre. A lot of it is via the internet so just about any taste can be served. And if you don't like what is on offer then start your own up. I did.

I go to as many festivals as I can, a couple of sessions a week, and wherever possible I promote young artists on a two hour live radio show.

How do I get out of the Folk mafia? Stop posting facts on Mudcat?

What do you think Alan?