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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
16-Feb-11 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: Mumford & Sons at the Brits Awards
Subject: RE: Mumford & Sons at the Brits Awards
"....I cannot be seen to engage in unseemly arguments with you, but that makes me (and people like Ian Anderson and Jim Moray, and the BBC, and the various other of your targets over the years) rather vulnerable to your attacks...."

For that please read 'I, and others, have now been stopped from constantly attacking you by Mudcat'

"...People stumbling into one of your hysterical postings might assume they contain some truth, unless someone refutes them. So I would just like to say that I completely and utterly refute the version of events posted above, most of which is pure fantasy...."

If you want me to trawl through all your postings to dig out some of the nastier things you've said about me, particularly where my marriage was concerned, please....just no way do I put down things which cannot be verified.   It'll take me a while, but trust me, I'll find your words for you.

It's just a great shame that the old BBC board, the one before the now defunct one, disappeared, as that contained Ian Anderson's words about Show of Hands and Seth Lakeman having somehow managed to have 'got in under the radar'...which of course told everyone exactly what was happening in the folk world for years...

Radar Love, eh?   

If you're on the right side of the 'fence' the radar protects and supports you. If you're trying to break in, it alerts and 'the guards' come out with the AK47s filled with words that can do more damage than even Walmart's Ammunition...

Do me a favour...please.

And by the way, you never bothered about your reputation, or that of *your* festival when you slagged off some brilliant musicians on the BBC.

Good that you're now great buddies...and I hope you had the guts to at least apologise to them.

Ah, Folk Mafia Hypocrisy, don't you just love it, huh?

Yes, yes, I know, Joe..."Back off, Lizzie! Naughty Chair IMMEDIATELY!"