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Posted By: GUEST,Grishka
18-Feb-11 - 06:11 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Non-ASCII character display problems
Subject: RE: Tech: Non-ASCII character display problems
Joe, thanks for reacting; this is exactly the kind of feedback we have been missing.
What I'd like first of all ...
has been described by me in a post to AC's thread (18 Jan 11 - 06:07 PM), now deleted. I shall repost it here, if desired.
If there's a simple change that can be added to Mudcat pages to make all text universally readable, that would also be nice.
That is exactly what I am striving to provide, at least for any text posted in the future. My models Grishka1 and Grishka3 are really as simple as you can get them; anything AC is suggesting is much more complex. Please try to read my descriptions (13 Feb 11 - 11:24 AM and 15 Feb 11 - 09:35 AM); if you find them incomprehensible, just ask. Once we agree on a model, i.e. we find it desirable provided it works as I claim, we can focus on the details.
I'm not seeing simple so far.
That's the problem with threads like this one: the simplest ideas are least likely to be noticed.