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Posted By: Bill D
18-Feb-11 - 01:24 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Non-ASCII character display problems
Subject: RE: Tech: Non-ASCII character display problems
An aside, but since John in Kansas mentioned it...

Since it's the common belief that IE is the most archaic and obsolete browser around, my ability to set whether to "open in same Window," or "open in new Window," or "open in new tab" in IE7 (which even Microsoft says is 2 generations obsolete) would imply that all reasonably current browsers probably have that feature.

The USER can set which to do (but a website can "force an override").

I set to "open in same window" and either click with the mouse wheel to open in a new tab, or right click to choose which to do. No plugin required.

It is true that all browsers support the ability of a website to force "open in new Window," or "open in new tab", {the 'target=blank' command}. But this is not always desirable for the user. I use the web filter Proxomitron, and I found a filter written to specifically remove & override that command. It is easy enough TO open a link in a new tab or window, but *I* prefer to have the option.

(to explore this, search on **Grypen target blank**)