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Posted By: Little Hawk
18-Feb-11 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Good point about the Arctic peoples. I've been studying Taoist and traditional Chinese medicine for many years, and they talk a lot about diet. They say that if you live in a very cold climate, then you DO need to eat a diet heavy in fatty meats in order to combat the cold effectively. That's because cold is strong Yin energy (water and anything that cools) and meats (specially red meat) are full of strong Yang energy (fire and things that cause warmth).

Naturally the Inuit and far northern people had to eat a diet heavy in meat, regardless of the fact that they are the descendants of beings that once probably developed in much warmer parts of the world, had the dentition to indicate that, and began by eating mostly fruits and vegetables that they scavenged, plus a little meat in all probability (rather as modern apes do in the wild). The fact that the Inuit were in a very cold climate went along perfectly with the food and game.

The food in a given climatic area is usually the perfect food FOR people in that climatic area. That's how nature functions, providing what suits the climate best. In the tropics, for example, fruit abounds, and it's well suited to meet people's dietary needs in that climate, but it would not be well suited to keep Inuit going in the depth of winter.

I would think that the more you are exposed to really cold outdoor weather, the more meat you need to stay strong and healthy.