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19-Feb-11 - 04:40 PM
Thread Name: Who gets credit for writing a song
Subject: RE: Who gets credit for writing a song
11 years later! ~~ but thus thread just revived.

The ref above (Rick Fielding 6 Aug 00) to Dylan's not having credited Dominic Behan presumably refers to the tune of With God On Our Side, using the tune Dominic had previously used for The Patriot Game. But it was not original to that, but, as Dominic admitted, taken from tradition: The Grenadier & the Lady, aka To Hear the The Nightingale Sing; and so presumably as public-domain available to Dylan as to Behan.


*{Not the Clancys' ''Kissed so sweet & comforting" version which is the one in DT; nor the "A-walking and a talking" one Isla Cameron used to sing; but yet another sung by I can't recall whom, but the first version I ever heard.}