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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Feb-11 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Jesse Winchester
Subject: RE: Jesse Winchester
Please forgive me, but it's time for a pedantry break:

The early-morning Guest at 1:01 AM has a point about the use of the word "literally waltzing on air." I don't know if this link will take you right there or not, but the "Zits" cartoon covered the same topic yesterday, Feb 25: I think "literally" has gone the way of "hoi polloi" and is sometimes used to mean the opposite of what it used to mean.....or does it? I literally freaked out the first time I heard somebody use "hoi polloi" to refer to rich people.
"Literally" means "in the literal or strict sense" or "without exaggeration or inaccuracy." Literally, "hoi polloi" means "the many" (in Greek, silly). In English, it means "the common people."

I now return you to your previous discussion.

To redeem myself, let me offer you the lyrics to Jesse Winchester's Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt. I had thought this was written at Roosevelt's time as a campaign song, but I was wrong - Jesse Winchester wrote this great song in 1974.