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Posted By: DMcG
28-Feb-11 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dealing with 'Unreasonable' People
Subject: RE: BS: Dealing with 'Unreasonable' People
Well, there's quite a lot of possibilities. One is that 'my' opinion is wrong. I'm sure we have all had that. A particular aspect of that is when the data has multiple parts and the 'other' weights them differently. Even if you disagree, there's something to be learnt.

Another possibility can arise if there is no hope of convincing the other. It can sometimes be worth a genial discourse setting out the facts as you see them anyway: a third person who is undecided may visit the thread and use it to inform their opinion. Abuse and derision of the other will do more harm than good in that case.

Then there's the possibility that the other is actually open to persuasion, even though they defend their position with vigour. Not too common, but found occasionally.

But if all else fails, and having set out your position as fully as appropriate, wish them a civil good day and leave them to it.