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Posted By: Bill D
28-Feb-11 - 11:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dealing with 'Unreasonable' People
Subject: RE: BS: Dealing with 'Unreasonable' People
In threads on a forum such as this, often the only recourse is leaving YOUR idea of reason behind, so that other 'reasonable' people may compare it with the UNreasonable stuff. I do this constantly.

In real life, it is much more complicated and obviously results in conflict of...ummmm...various sorts.
If one has some 'power', things can get interesting. It is instructive to read about how Lyndon Johnson got certain civil rights legislations passed.

I pass on an old joke which 'may' be based on some true incident.


During the early days of union organizing in the coal mining industry, some workers were trying to get every possible vote for some measure. They were going from man to man, explaining how it would benefit the group and doing well until they got to old Jake.
"I don't understand it, and I ain't gonna vote for it!", Jake said.
So they sat him down and went over the details again, with the union rep telling Jake earnestly how much it meant to have his vote.
"I STILL don't understand all that stuff", Jake replied, "and I ain't gonna vote for sumpthin' I don't understand!"
Finally, several guys told the union rep., "Ok...let us try once more...privately with Jake. So they took Jake out behind a shack and said, "Jake...this here is good for the union, and we need your vote...and iffn we don't get it, we're gonna beat the livin' crap outta you!"
   Well, next day the vote was held and Jake voted quietly with all the rest, and soon after, some of his buddies said, "Hey Jake... we thought you didn't understand and were gonna vote against did Charlie and Sam manage to change your mind?"
"Well...ummm", Jake replied, "No one ever explained it so clearly before!"