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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
28-Feb-11 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Info: The Shanty Book (Richard Runciman Terry)
Subject: RE: Info: The Shanty Book (Richard Runciman Terry)

I've not seen anything. He had some articles that preceded his chanty books, and he published a book on sea ballads in 1933.

I don't think anything "historical and critical" on the genre *as a whole* has been published since Hugill's 1961 book. Of course, it is only critical and historical SOME of the time :) Many fine articles have come out, but no overall book, to my knowledge (?). It is almost as if Hugill was regarded as the "last word." It really does have a place like a "bible" in that sense. And it cannibalized most earlier works; if Terry said something, Hugill was sure to have digested it and incorporated it into his monster opus.

Terry offered some very valuable collected pieces. But IMHO he did not offer much by way of "historical" or "critical."