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Posted By: Folkiedave
12-Mar-11 - 08:53 AM
Thread Name: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Subject: RE: Thank Goodness It's Folk - Radio
Thank Goodness It's Folk Playlist 11-3-2011

Apart form a couple of obvious blips - today's show went well and both section's playlist is spot on as far as I remember. There are a number of short items on the list this week so there are a couple more tracks than normal. And of course a St. Patrick's theme.

Sharon Shannon/Music for a Found Harmonium/Sharon Shannon
Karen Tweed /Drops of Springwater/Drops of Springwater
Ruth and Sadie Price/Counting Song/RaSP
Life and Times /Witch of Conger Hill/Charivari
Ralph McTell/From Clare to Here/Definitive Collection
Martin Byrnes/Paddy Fahey's Jig/Paddy in the Smoke
Maggie Barry /Galway Shawl/Her Mantle So Green
Stringtones/Mick Hendry's+Maisie Hendry's/Stringtones
Mark Dunlop/Black Velvet Band/Islands of the Moon
Dervish/Last Night's Fun/Playing With Fire
Racker Donnelly/Beast Feast/The Racker 2005
Maggie Boyle/Gweebarra Shore/Gweebarra Shore
Arty McGLynn/Blackbird/McGlynn's Fancy
Ciaran Boyle/Fionn Boyles Reel /Sunday Walks

Second Half

Brian Finnegan/If Only A Little/Ravishing Genius of Bones
Lilly Neill/Loftus Jones/The Collection
Steve Tilston/Some Kind of Sonnet/Such and Such
Fay Hield/Looking Glass/Looking Glass
Pete Coe/Recruiting Officer Set/Backbone
Ben Sands/Hug/Better Already
Chris Wood/Lusignac/Albion
Hannah James+Sam Sweeney/Gaol Song/Catches and Glees
Ewan McLennan/Jamie Foyers/Rags and Robes
Dazkarieh /Repasseado Da Calcada/Ruido De Silencio
Show of Hands/AIG2/Covers 2
Beltaine/Head Up/Koncentrad
Tavella /The Cows Lick/Tavell Demo