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Posted By: Amos
14-Mar-11 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Life is often a confusion
Trials of force and loss and strife
And in such sorrows, some illusion
Can provide relief to life.
Just a bit of humorous magic
Lightens up a dreary scene
But too much, and it turns tragic;
You will soon see what I mean.

Five or ten of us together
Striving toward a distant line,
Carrying a ton of feathers
In a whirlwind of joint mind.
We were bowed, but all determined
We would have our Truth to say
Posting daily, for our teammates
Bound to reach that Forty Kay.

Near in sight our long sought candle!
As a team we struggled on!
Feeling sure we had a handle
On the prize we yearned to own.
Sure of step and with each other,
Bowed against the wind and time
Every man the next one's brother
Toward our goal we all did climb.

Then we felt the horrid shadow,
Then our blood did all run cold,
For we crossed a vein of fancy
Like the fairy tales of old.
There our wits were sore assaulted,
There our minds insulted flew
From some vile imagination
Crassest jeers and brickbats flew.

NOthing real was there to deal with
Just the vaporous world of fancy
Sour swearing, cut-rate cursing
Like some two-bit whorehouse nancy.
Like some slum kid in a frenzy
Torrents of not-much-to-say,
Mindless ranting, all imagined
Came between us and our Kay.

As we stood there, slimed and tired
Forty Kay was quickly snatched
By a scheming crackpot's dreaming
Of a frumious bandersnatch.
Conjured up a dirty monkey
Conjured up a low-life brat
Made them argue with each other
In a low-rent alley spat.

So, for all our composition
All our care and wit and style
All our insight, intuition
Friendly cheers and cheering smiles
All was wasted, turned to nothing
By this dingbat pixie dust
What was once a glorious triumph
He reduced to worthless dust.

But with grace, the prize was rendered
Let him have his dubious gain
With his worthless flea-bit monkey
And his boy with half a brain,
And his mindless has-been actor
And his hamster, and his Brits.
Who steals ouur Kay our hearts gains not, sir
Who steals our Kay inherits shit.

William Hearts Phrase-Merritt
Songs of Retribution and Exhaustion
Mileaux Traysch, Pub.
Flopping-on-Sand, Berks. 1893