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Posted By: GUEST,Suibhne Astray
15-Mar-11 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: A Female Archbishop
Subject: RE: BS: A Female Archbishop
Tonight on BBC2 (UK) there begins a two part series on the Bible's Buried Secrets which looks as if it could be credible - written & presented by the aethiest theologian Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou. Part two looks at the belief in Asherah - God's wife indeed.

The sexism of Christianity begins with Eve I suppose; those attitudes are alive and well and are as depressing to me as racism. That we still have a Christian Church in 2011 is mystifying and depressing too, and my general respect for religious belief is pushed to the limits by the beliefs and traditions themselves. In Blackburn Cathedral the other week I unwittingly attended the rehearsal for Choral Evensong (photographing the old Whalley Abbey misericords circa. 1430 & some of the finest medieval vernacular sculture in the region - especially the scene depicting The Fall). When the priest / cantor proclaimed "I believe in God..." at the beginning of the Creed it was with such an obnoxious pompousness that I muttered in response "So what do you want? A fucking Chufty Badge?" for which blasphemy I was cautioned by my nearest and dearest.

But who cares what anyone believes in? The older I get the more concerned I am with appreciating what is actual & common rather than the mumbo-jumbo of personal belief. As WAV will remind us, I am no academic, but I can dig the idea of a Atheist Theologian even though my wife has a degree in Theology but turned her back on it by becoming a nurse to better experience the core of her personal faith. I regularly rip into religious door-knockers and proselytisers because such ideas are the foundation of the seeping unenlightenment in which sexism and racism thrives. Likewise the belief in Culture and Heritage, which are only as real as the individual wants them to be. We each have our ideals of LL&TPOH; but the WAV-way (and God knows he's not alone in this!) tends towards the myth that there is such a thing as a quantifiable English Culture which is utter nonsense. English Culture is the sum total of the Cultural Experience of the individuals living in England right now - and that's something you just can't get your head around.


Musically I never set out to be folk singer - I am an experimental free-improviser & storyteller seduced along the way by the beauties of Traditional Folk Song and Balladry. Storytelling audiences (by which I mean mixed punters of kids, parents, families in a freezing woodland rather than mystical turned-on new-agers in an arts centre) dig a spooky old ballad as part of the entertainment; free-improv audiences (count 'em on one hand) likewise; but Folk Audiences can be a bit precious about such things, often uptight, like Christians expecting a preacher to confirm their assumptions...