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Posted By: GUEST,Suibhne Astray
17-Mar-11 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: A Female Archbishop
Subject: RE: BS: A Female Archbishop
Women rev-ved up to join clergy in Lancashire - and yet in my home town even the one woman minster there is (Methodist) is reportedly kept in her place by collective church prejudice! Hardly the wonder Christianity's dying out - my worry though is not for congregations, but the fabric of these historic buildings which are of far greater importance to our national culture than personal belief.

As someone responded to the above linked article:

Unfortunately many worshipping people cannot accept the idea of women priests. This is not a matter of "man's superiority over women" It is a matter that Jesus Christ was a man and that a man should administer the sacrament and not a woman. I firmly believe that this is true and I could never accept a woman priest for that simple reason. I repeat, it is not prejudice against women. It is for the reason I have tried to explain in the simplest terms.

The discussion that follows is an intesting one, but weirdly out of place is a world of equal opportunities, though I'm increasingly alarmed and depressed at how endemic such overt ignorance and sexism is in our society - racism likewise. It's any excuse isn't it?

Thing is though, many think of God as She, and there's a sound notion that Jesus could have been not only a Woman, but also in Her relationship with Mary Magdalene, a Lesbian too... I'm cool with that.