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Posted By: Jim Dixon
18-Mar-11 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: I Haven't Been the Same Girl Since
You can hear or download this song at The Internet Archive. It's song #4 on that page. Here's my transcription:

Words and music by W E Haines & J Harper, ©1935.
As sung by Gracie Fields.

Once I was a beauty queen, the belle of ev'ry ball,
The champion of Wigan, an' the pride of Rawtenstall.
They said I'd make a movie star, me figure was so good.
I drew me savin's from the bank an' went to 'Ollywood.

I met a young man who told me that I was gifted,
Said I'd be a "wow" if only me face was lifted.
Around to the back of me neck me eyes they shifted,
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.
One wonderful night I acted with Clarky Gable.
The manager said, "Be passionate if you're able."
We finished that wonderful love scene under the table,
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.

Then they massaged my face with emery paper ev'ry day,
Until they nearly rubbed me bit of sex appeal away.
I started a picture just as the day was dawnin'.
They gave me the leadin' part in "The Gypsy's Warnin'."
The manager says, "We'll be shootin' you in the mornin'."
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.

I got tired of 'Ollywood, or they got tired of me.
P'rhaps me actin' wasn't good, or else 'twas jealousy.
I 'opped it to Chicago where the Al Caponeys live,
An' right amongst the gangster blokes, I stuck me bloomin' chin.

I soon got to know a chap by the name of Tony
Who told me that I was smarter than Al Caponey.
He borrowed me purse an' bolted an' left me stony,
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.
I then got a job to do with the racketeerin'.
They said it was safe; there's nobody interferin'.
A couple of cops they caught me bringin' the beer in,
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.

They robbed a bank one night while in the car I 'ad to wait.
I thought of 'ome sweet 'ome an' said, "This girl is goin' straight."
They flung out the notes an' told me to quickly load 'em.
I ordered me mind an' into me bag I stowed 'em,
An' I never stopped runnin' till I got back to Oldham,
An' I 'aven't been the same girl since.