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Posted By: Brian May
20-Mar-11 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Bombing of Tripoli has just begun
Well, without being emotional.

In order to enforce THIS No-Fly Zone (which historically don't actually seem to do much good), you need to be able to enforce it.

In enforcing it then Air Superiority is essential. You do NOT have Air Superiority if your enforcing aircraft are susceptible to SAM attack/defence (depending on your viewpoint).

Libya has quite sophisticated ground to air defence which includes Command and Control assets in addition to the missiles and AAA - plus their ability to service, re-supply and repair them.

It is these that would be attacked (and the cynic in me thinks there may just be one or two other 'targets').

Above are facts. What makes me squirm are the photos of Tony Bliar and Gaddafi having a cuddle not too long ago. How we (the Brits) welcomed this pariah in from the cold. Most rank and file Brits found that embarrassing and distasteful - without the PANAM bomber stuff, that just made it worse.

Now we're attacking our 'good mate' because he's vowed to show no mercy to his (revolting, as he sees it) population.

Notice the consistency of the UN here. How quickly was this resolution of legality passed? Look how quickly they responded to Darfur (oops did I say that?).

The cynic in me thinks the only missing ingredient to the genocide 'we' so quickly reacted to in Darfur is OIL.

But I'm sure our public servants wouldn't be so shallow . . .