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Posted By: WyoWoman
04-Oct-00 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: Anybody watch the debate?
Subject: RE: Anybody watch the debate?
Nope. Not if s/he gave a simple yes or no answer. But if s/he took the time to illuminate the answer with facts, yes. BUT ... and here's the hook ... the American public (and believe me, this isn't just an American problem. If it hasn't hit a political race in a country near you, just wait.) has bought into the whole packaging of the candidate ethos and what we look for now is someone who's cute or personable or ... you know, all that junk, rather than someone who knows what s/he is doing and knows the process of how to take something from idea to reality within an existing system, WHILE trying to reform or improve the system.

I worry that we could fall head over heels in love with some great-sounding, great-appearing demogogue just because s/he hired the right ad agency. Or maybe I've been watching too many movies. We do seem to keep lurching forward and doing pretty well in spite of ourselves. Now if we could just see to it that the workers of the world aren't ground under in our Great March Forward ...

I know. I ask a lot ...