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Posted By: GUEST,Jerome Basque
23-Mar-11 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Brian Heron - Grandson of James Connoly
Subject: RE: Obit: Brian Heron - Grandson of James Connoly
Brian was a friend a Legend & A Inspiration to many of us he was a " Book of stories" One Story I will never forget of Brian that many will never Believe 1990 I Believe it was a Tail End of Hurricane Bertha I Believe ,Hit Cape Breton Island So it was early in the Morn Brian his wife Belinda & I set out to Drive to Eskasoni to set Sail on A 37 " Sailboat Howard Jeddore had loan to Brian , The Plan was to Pick Up Brian & Belinda,s Son Che @ the Wharf in Big Pond & continue to the Big Pond Festival, as we Sailed by the Wharf 2-3 times thier was no sign of Che @ the Wharf and we continued our way to the Festival when we got there I had to swim ashore to Borrow a little Dory fr: a kind CBER to Row back to the Sailboat to bring Belinda to Shore,Belinda & I went to the Festival and thier was no signs of Che to found anywhere.                                                                               So Belinda & I went back to the shore & the Kind man CBER told us the winds where picking up & that we should find a Birth or a safe Harbour for the Sailboat before the weather turned Bad, I Rowed the Dory back to Shore & I swam back a few hundred feet back to the Sailboat with a Struggle as I getting on the Boat Brian told me to hurry up & pull the Anchor in as we were been dragged by the wind & waves close to the Rocks on the Shorline,as I was pulling the Anchor in Brian hollowered get that "Foggin Anchor in & the 2-3 waves hit us & I almost got the Anchor in then I went up in the Air did a few Summer Saults & Bang I had got thrown smashed into the Boat, I few seconds later! I woke up in the bottom sitting on the Anchor, I was fast to Go up & jump on the Boat Brian saying Hurry.... what the Hell are you doin, I got the Anchor in time we where a few feet fr Grounding into the Rocks, Then " Bang" we where Sailing off to Glory , I realized that my head was cut & Brian told me to lay down in the Bunk Below as I had a Head Ache,"Bleeding" I got in a short time smelling Diesel fuel & the Planks were starting to float the Battery was under water ,we had no means of Power.                                                    We sailed back fr 1 End of the Bras'dor lakes to the other & @ 1 point we saw a fishing Boat out there as it Passed under the sailboat we had all the Sails up , I tell you it was 1 If not the Scariest time ever in my Life! We had no Chart for the Inlet back to Eskasoni, Belinda was Terrified in Horror , you had to be there to Believe it, as we passed the Inlet @ about 10:00 PM back & fort Dozens of times , with me on the Bow of the Sailboat with careful observation & Instructions By Brian to look out for anything in the Moonlight as Sky,s cleared ,I Imagine we were out thier for Hours, we Safely sailed in missing the Wharf by a 100 feet I jumped in to Drag the Boat into the Wharf. Bras'Dor Lakes might be smal with sweet short waves, but it seemed Mighty that Day & Night with Great Man behind the Helm to Challenge Hurricane Bertha & Its Tropical Cyclone,Brain was a Man with no fear of Sailing the Sea,with great Respect and Faith I hope his wish & Dreams will live on forever and his this will Happen to Sail the Currach To Ireland oneday soon for the Language he loved & the Cultures he dearly loved and Respected around the Earth. :) Ni'mool'tes Nee'dup.